Sound Services Catalonia

Sound Design

Working on the sound from the screenplay is how the best results are achived. I’ll put all my knowledge at your service participating in what? how? why? and when? sound appears in your project

Location Sound

I own the quality standard equipment for location sound and have a large experience as location mixer and boom operator

Sound Editing

I clean noises and unpleasent sounds to obtain a smooth edit of quality

Complete Audiovisual Services

I have lots of professional contacts to develop whatever audiovisual project from begginning to end

Stereo Mix

Dialogs, effects, backgrounds, music… I mix all the elements that form the soundtrack of a film to obtain the best result in stereo format, suitable for internet or TV

Sound Effects

I have a large sound library for your project. Moreover, I can create and recreate whatever sound you need

Complete Sound Services

The sound from the location sound to the final stereo mix

Other Services

Whether what you have in mind involves audiovisual sound, contact me and I’ll study the project