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Working on the sound post production of the short film Impacto by Héctor Romance at Magical Media

Adrià Mateu
Sound Recording & Sound Post Production
E-mail: info@adriamateu.com
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

My name is Adrià Mateu and I work on sound for audiovisuals. I fulfill any audio need of a project, from both, a creative and a technical point of view. I provide sound services from beginning to end: from location mixing and sound recording to final mix. All with my unique point of view that will help your message reach its audience whether you reproduce it on the Internet, the radio, television, cinema or on any other communication system that has an audio component.

I have experience in sound for advertisements, fiction, documentaries, corporate videos, news shows, a variety of entertainment shows and also in dubbing. This is the reason why I am sure I will be able to find the sound that best fits your project.